Welcome to the online home of North East Archers. We are a small club located in the North East of England with a strong focus on the strive for excellence, at recreational and/or competitive levels. Founded on 6 April 2013 by a group of local coaches who decided it was time to think outside the box and bring their knowledge, expertise and dedication to the fore.

At North East Archers we welcome a range of members, both juniors and seniors, with a range of abilities - from those shooting socially, to those with an interest in shooting competitively.

Joe Brown demonstrating shooting with a sight at a beginners course.

Beginners Courses

Are you interested in a beginners course with North East Archers? Want to learn how to shoot from highly experienced and friendly coaches?

The courses are run as a one day intensive session, allowing rapid and continuous progression, without the need to recap concepts covered in previous weeks, as would be necessary on a traditional course, and covers everything you need to know to get started in archery.

For those completing the course with us, we'll give you discounted club membership for your first year, allowing you to join us and continue your archery journey.

ArcheryGB Range Returners logo

Range Returners

Are you looking to get back into archery?

A simple refresher session can soon get you back up and shooting.

We’re ready to welcome you back to the shooting line so you can continue with the sport you love.