Our committee are all volunteers and help to keep the club going, from managing the rest of us, to handling venues, equipment and money, as well as keeping us all safe and enjoying ourselves.

Want to discuss how the club is run? Get in touch with anyone listed below.




In charge of the club, and a driving force in helping secure venues and equipment for us to use.

Vice Chair


To support the committee and offer considered arguments and opinions; and support the chair.

Secretary and Treasurer

Photo of Sharon Robinson

Sharon helps keep us all organized and along with David, replies to all the e-mails, and is in charge of the money, and helps keep us out the red and in the black, as well as approving what we're about to buy!

Welfare Officer


Su is responsible for the protection of young people and vulnerable adults in the club.

Deputy Welfare Officer


Colin is responsible for helping with the protection of the children and vulnerable people within the club.


While not on the committee, the officers have an important role to play regarding the operation of the club, and keeping everything moving.

Membership / Publicity Officer

Photo of David Robinson

David is responsible for club membership and making sure everyone is registered with ArcheryGB, and for organising beginners courses. David is also responsible for promoting the club online, on social media and in the local area.

Equipment Officer


Mick is responsible for maintaining the club equipment, and helping get new equipment when required.

Coaching Officer


Responsible for organising coaching, and the coaches.

Junior / Records Officer


Responsible for organising juniors, including junior award schemes and coaching, maintaining club records and producing score sheets.

Join the committee

If you are interested in joining the North East Archers committee please get in touch with Sharon who'll be able to talk to you about what the role requires and get you involved.