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October 2013

Affiliate Club Membership Available

We are pleased to be able to offer affiliate membership for archers who, despite shooting at other clubs wish to be able to shoot with us on a regular basis and access our exclusive members only benefits. This is available from as little as £10 per year, depending on joining date. As Archery GB, regional and county fees are paid only once, this offers a massive discount on full price membership at both clubs.

Your membership fees also go towards helping to pay for the upkeep of the high quality facilities and equipment that we provide, as well as allowing us run exclusive events just for our members.

Get in touch with us, or pop along any club night, to find out more about affiliate membership of North East Archers.

Posted 31st October 2013 00:09:26 Written by: David Robinson

September 2013

Tyne Metropolitan College Freshers Week

Over the course of the week beginning 2nd September North East Archers were invited to Tyne Metropolitan College to run archery during their freshers week, both at Battle Hill Campus and Queen Alexandra Sixth Form, in order to promote the sport to the pupils and staff.

Overall we saw over 200 people over the course of the week, along with alot of interest in taking the sport further. This was coupled with a high level of friendly competition leading to a lot of happy faces, along with people persuading their friends to take Archery further.

Posted 12th September 2013 15:20:57 Written by: David Robinson

June 2013

Arrows- Demonstration sport at Northumberland School Games

North East Archers received an invitation to attend the Northumberland School Games (Summer Festival- Level 3) at Wentworth Leisure Centre, Hexham on the 28th July.

The School Games were designed for schoolchildren across all of England and built upon the magic of London 2012 to facilitate the participation in competitive sport of both the able and disabled. There are four levels to the competition framework: L1- intra school, L2- inter school, L3- County Festival and L4-National Finals.

As it was a County event and there was no Archery as part of the games we were invited as a demonstration sport to promote both the sport and the new Arrows school kit which teachers themselves can use safely in the confined school environment and introduce youngsters to the sport.

We were given a spot by the side of the bowling alley and 243 out of a 1000 participants had a go, including Olympian Chris McDermott from Team GB Handball, who took his place in the deep queue signing autographs as he went. Many of the teachers were fascinated at how easy the kit was to set up and use and there was a real buzz as many of the children encouraged and competed against each other to show the true spirit of the games, which includes: teamwork, self-belief, respect, passion, honesty and determination. We have received further requests to go into individual schools to promote the equipment and train the staff in its use and more importantly to engage further children not attracted by the traditional sports.

In two or three years it could be firmly established up to L3 in the County and who knows, some future Olympian stars could emerge and dominate the sport in years to come.

Posted 30th June 2013 23:13:20 Written by: Joe Brown Photo Gallery

May 2013

North East Archers run a two day Have-a-go session at Tyne Met College

The 15th May 2013 started very wet for the inaugural activities of the newly formed North East Archers, based in North Tyneside, Tyne and Wear. The venue was Tyne Metropolitan College and the newly appointed College Sport Maker kindly invited us to run two days of have-a-go archery, to reach those students who would not normally participate in traditional sports.

The college had organised a week’s programme of intra-mural recreational sports of which archery was just one activity. Students of all abilities were encouraged to participate in the programme and enjoy new activities in a friendly non-threatening atmosphere. However, there was twist! Each group came as class and friendly competition was encouraged with a prize for the best class, department and individual.

As the first day was very, very, wet a gym was made available so that we could continue the shoot, the second day was much better and we set up the range outdoors.

As the groups arrived you had the normal apprehension from some and the sparkle in the eye of those who thought they would split the arrow like Robin Hood and everyone in-between. Shooting six arrows with imperial scoring it became evident that for most their archery skills far out-weighed their mathematical skills. Some were just happy that they had hit the target while others were competing for the score. There was a very exciting head-to-head as two lads who had never held a bow went up against each other and both shot the perfect end of six golds. No one split an arrow!

About 130 students and staff participated with a further 30 through the lunch break. It has generated a lot of interest and the college are setting up a community club which we will help to launch so that students of all abilities and staff have weekly access to archery.

The highlight of the two days for me was the excitement in the faces of the students who realised that, ‘Yes, I can do this!’ Followed by, ‘Can I do this again?’ Proving to me yet again what a truly inclusive sport it is.

Posted: 21st May 2013 00:21:20 Written by: Joe Brown Photo Gallery