Wave goodbye to awkward bank transfers, or wondering if you have enough cash on a Tuesday evening to come to archery.

We have a range of easy online payment options, for club membership and target fees, allowing you to focus on more of what you love - Archery! Our online payments are quick and simple, and provided by Stripe, so your payment details are safe and secure, and you can manage them from the comfort of your home, the bus, or even on the range.

Further details about club membership can be found over on our membership information page

Payment Account Management

Once you have made your first online payment to us you are able to login to your payment portal using the button below.


Annual Membership

Paying your annual membership is quick and easy, and allows you to register with us in just a few steps. While we currently need a paper membership form from you, soon you'll be able to complete your club membership entirely online - easy for you, and better for the trees!

Once you have completed your membership form, simply select the appropriate membership catagory below, and complete your easy online payment. New members are those in your first year of ArcheryGB membership (with us, or any ArcheryGB club), while renewing members are those who had ArcheryGB membership last year.

Monthly Target Fee

In to your annual fee we also collect monthly target fees to pay for hall hire. Once you have paid your club fees get in touch with us (either on a club night or via our contact us page) and let us know which date between the 28th and 5th of the month works best and we'll set up a subscription for you.

Any sessions where we can't shoot as a club will provided as credit at the end of the appropriate ArcheryGB year.


If you have any questions please don't hesisate to contact us.