At North East Archers we operate a variety of award schemes designed to both help and encourage your shooting technique. These awards are offered free of charge to all members, and most of the admin behind them is done for you by the club.

Archery GB Progress Awards

As a club, we partake in the Archery GB Progress Award Scheme. This scheme is open to both junior and senior members, and awards a series of coloured badges based upon achieving certain scores, on appropriately sized target faces, at set distances. Archers are able to obtain a complete coloured set from white through to gold as they progress through the scheme, and are able to partake both indoors and out.

Details of the score categories can be found at Progress Award Scores

Archery GB Progress Awards

World Archery Gold Feather

World Archery Feather Awards

FITA Feather awards are available for both beginners under 12, and some disabled novice archers. These are assessed by a coach, and simply require hitting the target face 12 times from 15 arrows at 6 meters for the Red Feather, and at 8 meters for the Gold Feather, as well as understanding some basic safety rules, understanding simple bow maintenance (assembly and disassembly), and understanding simple technique. On completion of each level a pin badge is awarded by the club.

World Archery Arrow Awards

FITA Arrow awards follow a similar scheme to the Feather awards, with increased shooting and technical requirements, and serve as a natural stepping block - either from the Feather Awards, or on their own. The requirements include the ability to demonstrate knowledge of different forms of archery, basic maintenance, some of the rules and terminology.

Shooting skills are assessed with the requirement of scoring 115 from 15 arrows on an 80cm target face.

Again, on completion of each level a pin badge is awarded by the club.

Arrow Colour Distance
White 10 meters
Black 14 meters
Blue 18 meters
Red 22 meters
Gold 26 meters
World Archery White Arrow

252 Badges

The 252 award is specifically designed to consolidate your shooting practice at different distances and award the achievement with a badge. You are allowed 6 sighters and then shoot 3 dozen arrows at an 80cm face indoors, and a 122cm face outdoors, at your chosen distance. The round can be shot at 10, 15 (Juniors) 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 or 100 yards with the aim of scoring 252 or better (alternate scores apply for different bow types). You need to achieve the score twice to claim the award.

The badges can be shot for as part of a longer round, and standard rules of shooting apply, with 10 zone scoring indoors, and 5 zone outdoors, applying. The badges must be claimed in order, and create a great looking accessory to any quiver or bow bag!

Again, on completion of each level a pin badge is awarded by the club.

Bowtype Score Required
Recurve 252
Barebow 189
Compound 280
Longbow 164
Award Colour Distance (Yards)
Green 10
White 15
Black 20
Blue 30
Red 40
Bronze 50
Silver 60
Gold 80
Purple 100