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Valley Gardens Middle School is the home of one of our student community clubs, open to all members of the community aged between 8 and 18, run on a Wednesday evening. This provides opportunities for juniors to shoot together in a less crowded environment, and also to receive further attention from the coaches.

As part of North East Archers, members of the community club will also be registered members of the general club, allowing them access to our other venues and exclusive member only opportunities.

We are able to guide juniors attending these sessions through learning how to shoot, from the very basics, negating the need for them to attend a traditional beginners course with us, though juniors who have completed a beginners course with us are also more then welcome to shoot.

These sessions run from to

The community club will be taking place at Valley Gardens Middle School in Whitley Bay.

Valley Gardens Middle School
Valley Gardens
Whitley Bay
NE25 9AQ